Saturday, February 26, 2011

Expedition PFD

The rules require all kinds of stuff and recommend others. Here we see me in my PFD all outfitted and ready to go for the race. It's not easy to see everything from this fuzzy little camera phone picture, but here's what I've got in or on my PFD:

  1. Handheld VHF radio for communicating with other boats, the authorities, to request bridge openings, and to call for help.
  2. Flashlight
  3. Emergency strobe light
  4. Large fixed blade knife
  5. Small folding knife
  6. Signal mirror.
  7. Spare GPS in case I get separated from or lose my main GPS on the boat. 
  8. Hypothermia kit in waterproof bag, with rescue blanket, candle lantern, matches, firestarter, handwarmer packets.
  9. Two whistles, on on the lifejacket and one around my neck at all times. 
  10. Waterproof bag for cell phone, and ID.
  11. A couple of carabiners just because they are so handy to have around. 
The point of all this stuff is if I get separated from my boat on land or sea, I can still call for help and let people know exactly where I am and help them find me with visual and audible signals. 

It seems like overkill I'm sure but as a singlehander, I feel like it's important to be as self sufficient as possible.

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